Our Corporate Culture

Becoming an organization that has embraced the quality as a lifestyle and continues its practices with a sense of respect for the environment, is open to change, reliable gives priority to customer satisfaction and contributes to human health.


We conduct all our activities, business processes, and relationships within the framework of ethical rules.With our staff embracing our ethical philosophy, we are proud to continue our development.

We believe that our understanding of quality exists not only in what we produce but in the culture of management, employees, and the company as a whole.
We aim at the adoption of our understanding of quality as a life model by all our employees.

We believe that being reliable is the most fundamental and important feature. We value building a partnership of mutual trust with our employees, all institutions, and individuals.

Respect for the Environment and Humans
We acknowledge respect for the environment and people as one of our most vital and fundamental duties and invest in appropriate production technologies. We aim to live in a dignified environment.